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The Davis Chamber of Commerce is a steadfast ally for its members, ever-ready to provide valuable business advice or address any concerns that may arise. With unwavering dedication, the Chamber ensures that its members have a reliable support system at their side, fostering growth and ensuring the prosperity of local businesses. Your success is our priority, and we’re here, always, to assist and guide you.

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The Davis Chamber of Commerce stands as a pillar of support and empowerment for its members, dedicated to nurturing the success of local businesses. With unwavering commitment, the Chamber offers a diverse array of resources and tools that are essential in navigating the intricate world of commerce. Their tireless efforts encompass a wide spectrum of services, from fostering meaningful connections and networking opportunities, to facilitating invaluable educational programs and workshops.

Through their guidance and collaboration, the Chamber ensures that its members are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support required to thrive and flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of business. In Davis, the Chamber isn’t just an organization; it’s a lifeline, a thriving community, and an unwavering partner in the journey towards entrepreneurial success.

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The Davis Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing tailored services that cater to the unique business needs of our members. Our organization thrives on facilitating connections, fostering growth, and ensuring success through a comprehensive range of support initiatives.

Legislative Affairs
Women In Business

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The executive members of the Davis Chamber of Commerce are the driving force behind our organization’s success. Comprising a dynamic group of passionate individuals, these leaders bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and unwavering dedication to their roles.

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Their visionary leadership propels our chamber forward, fostering a vibrant and thriving business community in Davis. With a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence, they work tirelessly to create opportunities, empower our members, and ensure the continued growth of our local business ecosystem.

President and CEO
Director of Marketing
Director of Membership
Director of Finance
Executive Assistant

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