About Davis County


The population of Utah in 2011 was 2,817,222 and Davis County has the third largest population in the state with 311,811. The Governor’s Office estimates the 2020 population of Utah to be 3.65 million and Davis County to be 369,467. Utah is the third fastest growing state – from the 2010 Census to July 1, 2011, the State of Utah grew in population by 1.9%, Davis County by 1.7%, and the United States by 0.9%. Once again, Utah ranks as the youngest state in the U.S. with a median age of 29.2, has the highest fertility rate of 2.47, and has the highest household size in the nation at 3.1. The following table breaks down the population of Davis County by city.

Davis County Cities Population Estimates 2011

City in Davis County Population
Bountiful 43,303
Centerville 15,596
Clearfield 30,618
Clinton 20,783
Farmington 18,585
Fruit Heights 5,076
Kaysville 27,778
Layton 68,495
North Salt Lake 16,607
South Weber 6,159
Sunset 5,213
Syracuse 24,756
West Bountiful 5,357
West Point 9,679
Woods Cross 9,932


Davis County City BoundariesImageLibrary17

Racial Composition & Language

In 2011, the majority (85.6%) of Davis County residents were white persons, not hispanic. Persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin make up 8.6%, Asian 1.9%, and Black 1.3%. Please view the following interactive Census 2010 chart for State of Utah data:

According to the Census Bureau (2006-2010), 8.9% of Davis County residents sometimes or always speak a language other than English at home.



According to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, in 2008, Mormons (formal name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in the State of Utah comprise 58% of the population. Besides Mormon, Utahns classify themselves as Unaffiliated (16%), Protestant (14%), Catholic (10%), with other religions like Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and other faiths all comprising less than 2% of the Utah population.

Utah Population by Religionutahreligion2

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The Utah Department of Workforce Services states that the 2012 Utah civilian labor force was 1,349,792. During May 2012, the Utah unemployment rate was 6.0%; in comparison, the national unemployment rate was 8.2% (June 2012). For period ending May 2012, the Davis County labor force was 143,236 and the unemployment rate was 5.7%.

As a percentage of total employment in Utah by industry (August 2010), Trade, Transportation, & Utilities leads with 18.9%, Government (17%), Education & Health Services (13%), Professional & Business Services (12.9%), Leisure & Hospitality (9.9%), Manufacturing (9.2%), Construction (6%), Financial Activities (6%), Other Services (3%), Information (2.6%), and Natural Resources & Mining (0.9%).

In Davis County, one-fourth of all jobs are in government (24,623 in year 2009), and Hill Air Force Base makes up the majority of those jobs. Over 20,000 people work at Hill Air Force Base, which includes military, civil service, and private contractors. Clearly, the economy in Davis County is anchored by Hill Air Force Base. However, Davis County jobs are followed closely by Trade, Transportation, & Utilities with 19,662 jobs in 2009. The Freeport Center hosts over 70 companies, national and local, and employs over 7,000 employees.

Falcon Hill National Aerospace Research Park


Located at Hill Air Force Base, Falcon Hill is a 550 acre private development, under an Air Force Enhanced Use Lease, that will feature over 2 million square feet of commercial space in its first phase alone, with additional phases offering unmatched expansion capability, staging benefits and infrastructure. A detailed brochure of the available office, retail, and hotel conference space can be found here. For more information about Falcon Hill, see its website www.falconhillonline.com and its contact us page.

In addition, Davis County job counts by sector in 2009 are given next: Professional Services (11,446), Education, Health, and Social Services (10,500), Leisure & Hospitality (9,471), Manufacturing (8,893), Construction (7,285), Financial Activities (3,954), Other Services (2,869), Information (1,040), and Mining (163).

Davis County Cities Population Estimates 2011

Company Industry Employment
Hill Air Force Base Federal Government 10000-14999
Davis County School District Public Education 7000-9999
Davis County Local Government 1000-1999
Lagoon Corporation Inc Amusement & Theme Park 1000-1999
Lifetime Products Inc Sport & Athletic Equip. Mfg 1000-1999
Smith’s Marketplace Dist. Distribution Center 1000-1999
Wal-Mart Discount Department Store 1000-1999
ATK Space Systems Aerospace Mfg 500-999
Davis Hospital And Medical Center Hospital 500-999
Fresh Market Grocery Store 500-999
Lakeview Hospital Hospital 500-999
Lofthouse Bakery Products Food Mfg 500-999
Management & Training Corp Job Training Services 500-999
South Davis Community Hospital Inc Hospital 500-999
State of Utah State Government 500-999
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. 500-999

Top Employers – Top Chamber Members

Of the 16 top employers in Davis County, 11 of them are Members of the Davis Chamber of Commerce: Hill Air Force Base, Davis School District, Davis County Commissioner (Executive Circle Gold Member), Lagoon (Executive Circle Silver Member), ATK Aerospace Structures (Executive Circle Bronze Member), Wal-Mart (Executive Circle Bronze Member), Davis Hospital and Medical Center (Executive Circle Silver Member), Lakeview Hospital (Executive Circle Silver Member), Management & Training Corp (Executive Circle Bronze Member), South Davis Community Hospital (Executive Circle Silver Member), and State of Utah Agencies. Be a part of them.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in Davis County is roughly the average for the United States. The chart below shows the cost of living of Ogden (neighboring Davis County to the north) compared to the national average:

Cost of Living


Comparative Wages

The median household income in Utah from 2008-2010 was $59,857, which ranks 8th in the nation. However, the average wage in 2010 was only $39,390, placing Utah 35th in the nation. Nevertheless, Davis County’s median household income for 2006-2010 was $66,866.

Ogden-Clearfield Metro Statistical Area Occupational Wages June 2010


Occupation $/hr Occupation $/hr
Accountants and Auditors 30.80 Financial Managers 43.98 Office Clerks, General 11.62
Aerospace Engineers 39.76 First-Line Supervisors 17.11 Packers and Packagers 8.90
Automotive Mechanics 18.31 General and Operations Managers 36.60 Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks 16.07
Bookkeeping 15.81 Human Resources Assistants 17.91 Pharmacists 51.86
Carpenters 16.50 Janitors and Cleaners 9.84 Police and Sheriffs Patrol Officers 21.87
Cashiers 8.66 Landscaping Workers 10.73 Receptionists and Information Clerks 10.07
Child Care Workers 8.56 Lawyers 50.61 Retail Salespersons 11.18
Computer Programmers 27.99 Librarians 22.50 Secretaries not Legal, Medical, Executive 13.23
Computer Support Specialists 21.07 Loan Officers 28.45 Security Guards 11.57
Construction Laborers 12.24 Maintenance and Repair Workers 18.35 Tellers 10.52
Construction Managers 36.52 Marketing Managers 45.14 Waiters and Waitresses 9.26
Electricians 20.70 Nursing Aides 10.73


There are 7 branches in the Davis County Library System. Most branches offer free Wireless Internet Access to people with a Davis County Library Card. For more information or to search their book catalog, go to the Davis County Library Website or email them with questions at library@daviscountyutah.gov.

Davis County Library Open Hours

Day of Week Open Hours
Monday-Thursday 10AM to 9PM
Friday-Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday Closed
Davis County Library LocationsImageLibrary57

Syracuse Northwest Branch


1875 South 2000 West
Syracuse, UT 84075
(801) 825-7080

Layton Central Branch


55 N. Wasatch Dr.
Layton, UT 84041
(801) 547-0729

Farmington Headquarters


38 S 100 E
Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-2322

Bountiful South Branch


725 S Main St.
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 295-8732

Clearfield North Branch


562 S 1000 E
Clearfield, UT 84015
(801) 825-6662

Kaysville Branch


44 North Main
Kaysville, UT 84037
(801) 544-2826

Centerville Branch


45 S. 400 W.
Centerville, UT 84014
(801) 294-4054

Regional Mall

The Layton Hills Mall is the premiere mall in Davis County. As of September 2010, the main anchor tenants of the mall are Cinemark Tinseltown USA, Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, as well as a food court.

The mall hours are: Monday – Saturday 10AM to 9PM, Sunday Noon to 6PM.

For more information about Store Listings, Store Coupons, Events, or Leasing Information, go to http://www.shoplaytonhills.com.

For movie times and tickets go to: Cinemark Movie Times.

Layton Hills Mall LocationImageLibrary25


Liquor & Smoking Laws

As with other States, Utah requires residents to be at least 21 years of age to buy or consume alcohol. Previously, a “private club membership” was required to enter bars, but has recently been eliminated. Liquor can be purchased through restaurants, pubs, and clubs, with mixed drinks and wine available between Noon and 1:00AM, and beer between 10:00AM and 1:00PM. Packaged beer is available at grocery and convenience stores. Packaged liquor, wine, and heavy beer are sold at Utah State Liquor Stores, two of which are in Davis County, the Layton and Bountiful Stores; click the link for the addresses, phones, store hours, and maps of Utah State Liquor Stores.

The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits smoking in places where the public has regular access; many lodging facilities contain smoking rooms or have designated smoking areas.


By total land area, Davis County is the smallest county in Utah. Its total area is 634 square miles (304 sq mi of land; 329 sq mi of water). Davis County is part of the Wasatch Front; to its north is Weber County, to its south is Salt Lake County, to the west is the Great Salt Lake and then Box Elder and Toole County, and to the east is the Wasatch Mountain Range and Morgan County.The average elevation in Davis County is approximately 4,200 feet, with the highest peak in the county of Thurston Peak at 9,707 feet.

Satellite Map of Davis CountyImageLibrary30


Davis County is considered by scientists to be in a cold semi-arid climate, which means the climate can feature warm to hot summers and cold, sometimes very cold winters, as well as major temperature swings between day and night by as much as 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

The coldest temperatures in Davis County occur in January with an average low of 20°F; whereas the hottest temperatures occur in July with an average high of 89°F.

Annual precipitation levels average between 18 and 25 inches, with the month of May being the highest with an average of 2.7 inches and the month of July being the lowest with only 0.98 inches. It must be noted that due to Davis County’s bordering relationship with the Great Salt Lake, an occurrence called “Lake-Effect Snow” can produce above average snowfalls because cold winds from the west move across the long expanse of the Great Salt Lake’s warmer water, providing energy and picking up water vapor which freezes and is deposited onto the relatively narrow section of Davis County that is sandwiched between the Great Salt Lake to the west and the Wasatch Mountain Range to the east.e This can lead to snow during the winter on the valley floor of Davis County of roughly 60 inches and on the high bench areas up to 90 inches.

Avg Monthly Temperature & Precipitation Davis County, UTImageLibrary33

Public Elementary & Secondary Education
Elementary Schools

There are currently 59 Elementary Schools in the Davis County School District. A listing of all the elementary schools’ website and phone number is given next:

Davis County Elementary School Boundaries

ImageLibrary24For a very high resolution (street level) view of the map above see High Resolution Elementary School Boundary Map


Canyon Heights
(801) 402-0550
Creekside Elementary
(801) 402-3650
Crestview Elementary
(801) 402-3200
Doxey Elementary
(801) 402-2250
Eagle Bay Elementary
(801) 402-3800
East Layton Elementary
(801) 402-3250
Ellison Park Elementary
(801) 402-7300
Endeavour Elementary
(801) 402-0400
Farmington Elementary
(801) 402-2950
Foxboro Elementary
(801) 402-5050
Fremont Elementary
(801) 402-2300
Heritage Elementary
(801) 402-1200


Adams Elementary
(801) 402-3100
Adelaide Elementary
(801) 402-1250
Antelope Elementary
(801) 402-2100
Bluff Ridge Elementary
(801) 402-2850
Boulton Elementary
(801) 402-1300
Bountiful Elementary
(801) 402-1350
Buffalo Point Elementary
(801) 402-8400
Burton Elementary
(801) 402-3150
Centerville Elementary
(801) 402-1400
Clinton Elementary
(801) 402-2150
Columbia Elementary
(801) 402-3350
Cook Elementary
(801) 402-2200


Syracuse Elementary
(801) 402-2600
Taylor Elementary
(801) 402-1500
Tolman Elementary
(801) 402-1900
Vae View Elementary
(801) 402-2800
Valley View Elementary
(801) 402-2050
Wasatch Elementary
(801) 402-2650
Washington Elementary
(801) 402-1950
West Bountiful Elementary
(801) 402-2000
West Clinton Elementary
(801) 402-2700
West Point Elementary
(801) 402-2750
Whitesides Elementary
(801) 402-3600
Muir Elementary
(801) 402-1550
Oak Hills Elementary
(801) 402-1650
Orchard Elementary
(801) 402-1700
Parkside Elementary
(801) 402-1150
Reading Elementary
(801) 402-1750
Sand Springs Elementary
(801) 402-3850
Snow Horse Elementary
(801) 402-7350
South Clearfield Elementary
(801) 402-2500
South Weber Elementary
(801) 402-3750
Stewart Elementary
(801) 402-1850
Mountain High
(801) 402-0450
Sunset Elementary
(801) 402-2550
Hill Field Elementary
(801) 402-2350
Holbrook Elementary
(801) 402-1450
Holt Elementary
(801) 402-2400
Kaysville Elementary
(801) 402-3400
Knowlton Elementary
(801) 402-3000
King Elementary
(801) 402-3300
Lakeside Elementary
(801) 402-2900
Layton Elementary
(801) 402-3500
Lincoln Elementary
(801) 402-2450
Meadowbrook Elementary
(801) 402-1600
Morgan Elementary
(801) 402-3450
Mountain View Elementary
(801) 402-3700

Junior High Schools

There are currently 59 Elementary Schools in the Davis County School District. A listing of all the elementary schools’ website and phone number is given next:

Davis County Junior High School Boundaries

ImageLibrary22For a very high resolution (street level) view of the map above see High Resolution Junior High School Boundary Map


Millcreek Jr High
(801) 402-6200
Mueller Park Jr High
(801) 402-6300
North Davis Jr High
(801) 402-6500
North Layton Jr High
(801) 402-6600
South Davis Jr High
(801) 402-6400
Sunset Jr High
(801) 402-6700
Syracuse Jr High
(801) 402-6800
West Point Jr High
(801) 402-8100
Bountiful Jr High
(801) 402-6000
Centerville Jr High
(801) 402-6100
Central Davis Jr High
(801) 402-7100
Davis Jr High
(801) 402-0350
Fairfield Jr High
(801) 402-7000
Farmington Jr High
(801) 402-6900
Kaysville Jr High
(801) 402-7200
Legacy Jr High
(801) 402-4700

High Schools

For the school year 2010-2011, there are 8 high schools in the Davis County School District. A listing of all the high schools’ website and phone number is given next:

Davis County High School Boundaries


For a very high resolution (street level) view of the map above seeHigh Resolution High School Boundary Map

Northridge High
(801) 402-8500
Syracuse High
(801) 402-7900
Woods Cross High
(801) 402-4500
Viewmont High
(801) 402-4200
Bountiful High
(801) 402-3900
Clearfield High
(801) 402-8200
Davis High
(801) 402-8800
Layton High
(801) 402-4800

Public Education – Chamber Involvement

Davis School District is a proud member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce. Chris Williams, an Executive Board Member of the Davis Chamber, works at the Davis School District.

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Private Elementary & Secondary Education

Davis County is home to private elementary and secondary educational institutions.

Mills Montessori School
(801) 529-1700Sunrise Montessori School
(801) 295-9802
Layton Christian Academy
(801) 771-7141Saint Olaf Catholic School
(801) 295-5341
Faith Baptist Church Academy
(801) 771-4652Wasatch Intermountain Academy
(801) 544-1210

Charter Schools

Davis County is also home to charter schools.

Legacy Preparatory
Academy (6-12)
(801) 294-2801Oquirrh Mountain Charter School
(801) 593-8200Spectrum Academy
(801) 936-0318
Legacy Preparatory Academy (K-5)
(801) 936-0555Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science
(801)402-5920Wasatch Peak Academy
(801) 936-3066
Baer Canyon High School Sports & Medical Sciences
(801) 725-6468North Davis Preparatory Academy
(801) 547-1809Syracuse Arts Academy
(801) 779-2066

Public Colleges & Universities Weber State University Davis Campus

Weber State University is the premier university in the Weber County and Davis County area. Weber State offers over 200 certificate and degree programs, as well as offering 11 graduate degrees. In addition to regular classes, Weber State University offers online courses, distance learning, independent study, and evening classes. For residency requirements for in-state tuition go to the Residency for Tuition Purposes page. The course catelog is given next: Weber State University Catalog.

Weber State University Ogden and Davis Campus Map


Weber State University Davis Campus

2750 N. University Park Blvd.
Layton, Utah 84041-9099
(801) 395-3473
Weber State University Davis Campus

Weber State University Ogden Main Campus

3848 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, Utah 84408
(801) 626-6000
Weber State University Ogden Main Campus

Weber State University – Davis Chamber Partner

Weber State University is a educational and training partner of the Chamber. The Economic Summit, which provides training and insight into local economic forecasts, is held by the Chamber each year at Weber State Davis Campus. In addition, Weber State University is an Executive Circle Bronze Member and Bruce Davis, Vice Provost and Dean of Continuing Education at Weber State University is on the Executive Committee of the Davis Chamber Board of Directors.

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Vocational Colleges & Centers Davis Applied Technology College (DATC)

The main vocational college in Davis County is the Davis Applied Technology College. A detailed listing of the DATC Schools and their individual programs can be found on their Catalog.

Davis Applied Technology College Map


Davis Applied Technology College

550 E 300 S
Kaysville, Utah 84037-2699
(801) 593-2500
Davis Applied Technology College

Davis Applied Technology College – Executive Circle Silver Member

The DATC is an integral member of the Davis Chamber. The Chamber joins with the DATC to put on training classes and leadership classes and forums. Jay Greaves is the Vice-President of Instruction at the DATC and is also a member of the Board of Governors.

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Private Vocational Colleges

Given below is contact information for private vocational colleges in the Davis County, UT area:

Broadview University – Layton

869 West Hill Field Road
Layton, UT 84041
(866) 253-7744
Broadview University – Layton

Eagle Gate College – Layton

915 North 400 West
Layton, UT 84041
(866) 260-7971
Eagle Gate College – Layton

Marinello Schools of Beauty – Layton

575 North Main Street
Layton, UT 84041
(801) 546-1377
Marinello Schools of Beauty – Layton

Renaissance School of Therapeutic Massage

566 W. 1350 S.
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 292-8515
Renaissance School of Therapeutic Massage

Vista College – Clearfield

775 South 2000 East.
Clearfield, Utah 84015
(801) 774-9900
Vista College – Clearfield

There are two main hospitals in Davis County, the Davis Hospital and Medical Center and Lakeview Hospital. To compare both the Davis Hospital and Medical Center and Lakeview Hospital use the US Health & Human Services Hospital Compare Service



Davis Hospital and Medical Center

1600 West Antelope Drive
Layton, Utah 84041


Davis Hospital currently has 225 beds and a 21 bed emergency department. Their services include a behavioral health unit, breast care, diabetes care, diagnostic imaging, emergency care, heart care, intensive care unit, maternity care, orthopedics, pediatrics, rehabilitation, senior services, sports medicine, surgical services, therapy services, tomotherapy, and wound healing.



Lakeview Hospital

630 East Medical Drive
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 299-2200

Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful has 128 licensed beds, 226 physicians. Their services include behavioral health, cardiovascular health, emergency services, hospitalist care, hyerbaric and wound care, imaging and radiology, spiritual support, surgery, urology, and women services.



South Davis Hospital

401 South 400 East
Bountiful, Utah 84010
(801) 295-2361

South Davis Community Hospital offers skilled nursing care, long-term acute care, assisted living, orthopedic rehabilitation, long-term acute and transitional care, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, respitory therapy, recreational therapy, and music therapy.

US Department of Health & Human Services Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 2009
Private Sector Data Ogden-Clearfield, UT Data
Average total single premium (in dollars) per enrolled employee at establishments that offer health insurance $3,790
Average total employee contribution (in dollars) per enrolled employee for single coverage at establishments that offer health insurance $876
Average total family premium (in dollars) per enrolled employee at establishments that offer health insurance $11,099
Average total employee contribution (in dollars) per enrolled employee for family coverage at establishments that offer health insurance $3,221
Average total employee-plus-one premium (in dollars) per enrolled employee at establishments that offer health insurance $7,978
Average total employee contribution (in dollars) per enrolled employee for employee-plus-one coverage at establishments that offer health insurance $2,268

Major Davis County Hospitals – All Davis Chamber Members

The Davis Hospital and Medical Center is an Executive Circle Silver Member, Lakeview Hospital is an Executive Circle Silver Member, and South Davis Community Hospital is an Executive Circle Silver Chamber Member. Rand Kerr of Lakeview Hospital is the Chair of the Executive Board of the Chamber. Mike Jensen is the CEO of Davis Hospital and Medical Center and is on the Davis Chamber Executive Board and is the Treasurer. David Bland, CEO of South Davis Community Hospital, is on the Executive Board.


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The US Housing and Urban Development proposes the following Fair Market Rents for Davis County in 2012:
•One-Bedroom – $593
•Two-Bedroom – $730
•Three-Bedroom – $1,004
•Four-Bedroom – $1,187
Q4 2010-2011 Median Price of Houses Sold Comparison

City 2011 Home Median Sales Price Q4 2011 Home Median Sales Price Q4 % Change
BOUNTIFUL 202,000 195,000 3.58%
CENTERVILLE 217,775 232,435 -6.31%
CLEARFIELD 140,000 160,000 -12.50%
FARMINGTON 287,750 269,500 6.77%
KAYSVILLE 235,000 263,000 -10.65%
LAYTON 236,000 222,132 6.24%
LAYTON 174,900 170,000 2.88%
NORTH SALT LAKE 212,450 218,500 -2.77%
SYRACUSE 220,450 220,000 0.20%
WOODS CROSS 198,150 208,450 -4.95%

Housing Related Needs – Contact Chamber Members

Davis Chamber members are Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Construction Companies, and Banks. See the Real Estate page for a listing of Chamber Members in Real Estate.

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Davis County

The Davis County Government is governed by three elected Board of Commissioners that serve 4-year terms that overlap. Currently, the Commission Chair is John Petroff, Jr., the Commissioner is P. Bret Millburn, and the Commission Vice-Chair is Louenda H. Downs.
Services provided by the county include General Government: Property Tax Assessment and Collecting, Auditing, Budgeting, Elections, Marriage Licenses, Passports, Real Estate Records, Criminal Justice Services, and Ordinance Enactment and enforcement; Educational Services: Libraries and Agricultural Extension; Social Services: Senior Programs; Recreation and Tourism: Golf Courses, Tourism and Travel Facilities, and County Fair; County Support Services: Correctional Facilities, Emergency 911, Police Protection, Paramedic and Ambulance, and Animal Control; Public Health: Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, Environmental Health, and Health Education and Promotion; Unincorporated Areas: Fire Protection, Road Construction and Maintenance, Building Inspection, and Business Licenses.

Davis County Board of CommissionersImageLibrary32
Davis County Department Contact Information

Department Phone Location Room #
Aging Services (801) 451-3377 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 218
Animal Services (801) 444-2200 E 600 North Fruit Heights, UT – 84037
Assessor (801) 451-3249 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 117
Attorney (801) 451-4300 800 W State Street Farmington, UT – 84025
Building Inspection (801) 451-3279 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 221
Childrens Justice Center (801) 451-3560 S Main Street Farmington, UT – 84025
Clerk/Auditor (801) 451-3213 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 136
Commission (801) 451-3200 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 128
Community & Economic Development (801) 451-3278 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 221
Corrections/Jail (801) 451-4200 800 W State Street Farmington, UT – 84025
Davis Park Golf Course (801) 544-0401 1074 Nichols Road Fruit Heights, UT – 84037
Elections (801) 451-3589 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 136
Emergency Preparedness (801) 451-4100 800 W State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 Sheriff’s Office
Environmental Health (801) 451-3296 99 S Main Street Farmington, UT – 84025
Events Center (801) 451-4080 151 S 1100 West Farmington, UT – 84025
Facilities Management (801) 451-3208 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 212
Flood Control-Public Works (801) 444-2230 1500 E 650 North Fruit Heights, UT – 84037
Health Department Administration (801) 451-3340 50 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 205
Information Systems (IT) (801) 451-3347 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 24
Justice Court (801) 451-4488 800 W State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 Courtroom 2
Library (801) 451-3360 38 S 100 East Farmington, UT – 84025
Personnel (801) 451-3415 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 218
Planning & Zoning (801) 451-3278 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 221
Public Works (801) 444-2230 1500 E 650 North Fruit Heights, UT – 84037
Purchasing (801) 451-3492 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 101
Recorder (801) 451-3225 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 119
Risk Management/Insurance (801) 451-3439 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 218
Sheriff (801) 451-4100 800 W State Street Farmington, UT – 84025
Surveyor (801) 451-3290 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 209
Treasurer (801) 451-3243 28 E State Street Farmington, UT – 84025 118
Valley View Golf Course (801) 546-1630 2501 E Gentile Layton, UT – 84041
Vehicle Emissions Testing Center (801) 546-8860 20 N 600 West Kaysville, UT – 84037

Davis County Police & Fire Services

For Police, Fire, and Medical emergencies in the Davis County area dial 911. For non-emergencies call the Davis County Dispatch (801) 451-4150 or for more specific numbers see the tables below:

Law Enforcement Numbers in Davis County

Law Enforcement Contact Number
Davis County Sheriff’s Office (801) 451-4100
Davis County Sheriff’s Records (801) 451-4106
Davis County Jail (801) 451-4200
Davis County Jail Records (801) 451-4213
Davis County Animal Services (801) 444-2200
Davis County Personnel Office (801) 451-3415
Bountiful Police Dept Dispatch (801) 298-2600
Centerville City Police Dep (801) 292-8441
Clearfield Police Dept Dispatch (801) 525-2806
Clinton City Police (801) 614-0800
Farmington City Police Dept (801) 451-5454
Hill Air Force Base Security (801) 777-1522
Hill Kaysville City Police Dept (801) 546-1131
Layton City Police Dept Dispatch (801) 497-8300
Metro Narcotics Div (Davis Co) (801) 336-3555
South Weber City Office (801) 497-3177
State Parks (Antelope Is) (801) 773-2941
Sunset City Police Dept (801) 825-1620
Syracuse City Police Dept (801) 825-4400
West Point City Police Dept (801) 776-0970
Wood Cross City Police Dept (801) 292-4422
Utah Highway Patrol Office (801) 477-8131
Utah Wildlife Office (801) 476-2740
Davis County AP&P Office (801) 451-4700
Fire Department Numbers in Davis County

Fire Departments Contact Number
Davis Metro Fire (801) 677-2400
Clinton Fire Dept (801) 774-2679
Farmington Fire Dept (801) 451-2842
Kaysville Fire Dept (801) 544-2860
Layton Fire Dept (801) 336-3940
Sunset Fire Dept (801) 825-1629
Syracuse Fire Dept (801) 825-4400
South Weber Fire Dept (801) 476-8907
Crime in Davis County Cities 2009 by Crime Type

City Population Violent Crime Murder Forcible Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Property Crime Burglary Larceny-Theft Motor Vehicle Theft Arson
Bountiful 44591 56 0 15 10 31 1147 156 954 37 2
Centerville 15763 10 0 0 1 9 387 41 328 18 0
Clearfield 27913 49 0 10 8 31 860 112 713 35 7
Clinton 20745 19 0 7 4 8 335 47 272 16 1
Farmington 17788 3 0 3 0 0 166 29 127 10 0
Kaysville 26363 18 0 8 3 7 426 73 331 22 0
Layton 65947 115 0 21 23 71 1953 240 1647 66 4
North Salt Lake 14026 5 0 2 0 3 350 114 194 42 0
Sunset 4892 4 0 1 1 2 130 26 100 4 0
Kaysville 26363 18 0 8 3 7 426 73 331 22 0
Layton 65947 115 0 21 23 71 1953 240 1647 66 4
North Salt Lake 14026 5 0 2 0 3 350 114 194 42 0
Sunset 4892 4 0 1 1 2 130 26 100 4 0
Syracuse 24168 18 0 4 0 14 312 50 258 4 5
West Bountiful 5 402 2 0 1 0 1 210 18 181 11 0
Woods Cross 8946 12 0 4 3 5 233 36 177 20 1

Davis County Governement – Davis County Chamber

The Davis County Commissioners are an Executive Circle Gold Member.

Join the Chamber TODAY!


Cities of Davis County

A list of all the cities in Davis County along with their contact information, website, and brief description is given below:



790 South 100 East
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 298-3171

Bountiful is the second most populous city in Davis County with a population 44,477. It is in the far southeast of Davis County, built on the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains. Click Bountiful City VideoTourBook for a nice video of the Quality of Life, Real Estate and Relocation, Education, Bountiful City Utilities, and Parks and Recreation of Bountiful City. The following link shows the various departments and their contact info: Bountiful City Departmental Phone Numbers.

Davis County City Boundaries





250 N. Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014
(801) 295-3477

To see a list of Departments in Centerville, click Centerville Departments. For a nice video tourbook of the Quality of Life, Real Estate and Relocation, Education, Davis Cultural Arts Center, and Economic Development see Centerville Video TourBook


North Salt Lake

10 E Center St. 84054
North Salt Lake, UT

North Salt Lake is the furthest south city in Davis County. See North Salt Lake City Departments for links and contact info. For a video about the Quality of Life, Real Estate, HealthCare and Education, and Economic Development see North Salt Lake Video TourBook.




Clearfield, UT 84015
(801) 525-2700

For a list of departments, webpages, and phone numbers click Clearfield City Departments Contact Information.


South Weber

1600 E. South Weber Dr.
South Weber, UT 84405
South Weber City is in the farthest northeast of Davis County. For a directory of departments in South Weber, see South Weber City Departments landing page. For a page created for new residents of South Weber, see Welcome to South Weber City.




2267 North 1500 West
Clinton, Utah 84015
(801) 614-0700

See Clinton City Hall Directory for links, addresses, and phone numbers of Clinton City Departments.



200 W. 1300 N.
Sunset, UT 84015

For a list of department links in Sunset City, see Sunset City Departments.




160 South Main
Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 451-2383


Farmington, Utah is in the center of Davis County geographically and is home to most of the Davis County Government offices as well as being the home of Lagoon, amusement park. For a list and links of all departments in Farmington, go to Farmington City, Utah Departments. To watch a video of Farmington click Farmington City Community Videos.



1979 W. 1900 S.
Syracuse UT 84075

For a list of departments, click Syracuse City Departments.



Fruit Heights

910 S. Mountain Rd.
Fruit Heights City, UT 84037
(801) 546-0861

For a list of departments in Farmington, see Farmington City Departments.


West Bountiful

550 N 800 W
West Bountiful, UT 84087
(801) 292-4486

West Bountiful is the least populous city in Davis County with a poplulation of 5,421. To see contact information for various departments in West Bountiful, see Administration and Public Services.




23 East Center Street
Kaysville, UT 84037
(801) 546-1235


Kaysville City is home to the Davis Chamber of Commerce and the Davis Applied Technology College. For a list of departments in Kaysville, see Kaysville City Departments.


West Point

3200 W 300 N
West Point, UT 84015
(801) 776-0970

West Point City is the farthest west in Davis County. For a list of government departments go to West Point City homepage, click “Government” and then “Departments & Divisions”.




437 N Wasatch Dr.
Layton, UT 84041
(801) 336-3800

Layton City is the most populous city in Davis County with 66,747 citizens. Layton is home to the Layton Hills Mall and Surf ‘n Swim. Follow the Layton City Departments link for a list of Layton City Departments. A new resident packet is available for download: New Resident Information Packet. A nice video tour of Layton is available outlining Education, Quality of life, Real Estate and Relocation, Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Health Care, Shopping and Dining, and Community Services is available by clicking Layton Video TourBook.


Woods Cross

1555 South 800 West
Woods Cross, Utah 84087
(801) 292-4421

For a list of departments, see Woods Cross City Departments. To view a video tour of Woods Cross that includes information about Quality of Life, Real Estate and Relocation, Education, Community Services, and Parks and Recreation see Woods Cross Video TourBook.


Mayors of Davis County


Bountiful Mayor Randy C. Lewis

Phone: (801) 299-4888
Email: rlewis@bountifulutah.govv
More Info: http://www.bountifulutah.gov/mayorcouncil.aspx


North Salt Lake City Mayor Len Arave

Phone: (801) 299-8599
Email: mayor@nslcity.org
More Info: http://www.nslcity.org/Directory.aspx?EID=3


Paul Cutler Headshot 5

Centerville Mayor Paul A. Cutler

Phone (Centerville City Hall): (801) 295-3477; Mayor Cell: (469) 255-9287
Email: Use this contact form
More Info: http://www.centervilleut.net/elected.mayor.html


South Weber City Mayor Tammy Long

Phone: (801) 479-3177
Email: Use this contact form
More Info: http://www.southwebercity.com/elected_officials.citycouncil.html


Mayor Shepherd

Clearfield City Mayor Mark R. Shepherd

Phone (Economic Development): (801) 525-2788 ; City Office: (801) 525-2700;
Mayor Phone: (801) 540-0348
Email: mark.shepherd@clearfieldcity.org
More Info: http://clearfieldcity.hosted.civiclive.com/cms/One.aspx?portalId=58980&pageId=72784

Sunset City Mayor Beverly MacFarlane

Phone: (801) 825-1628
Email: mayor@sunset-ut.com
More Info: http://www.sunset-ut.com/aboutcc.html

Syracuse City Mayor Terry Palmer

Phone: (801)825-3887
Email: tpalmer@syracuseut.com
More Info: http://www.syracuseut.com/YourGovernment/Mayo



Clinton City Mayor Mitch Adams

Phone: (801) 775-2890
Email: mayor.adams@clintoncity.com
More Info: http://clintoncity.net/CityGovernment/Mayor/tabid/66/Default.aspx


West Bountiful City Mayor Ken Romney

Phone: (801) 949-6163
Email: kromney@westbountiful.utah.gov
More Info: http://westbountiful.utah.gov/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={8A475DB2-C250-4960-BC82-CFFE75E6C125}


Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot

Phone (City Office): (801) 451-6192
Email: jtalbot@farmington.utah.gov
More Info: http://www.farmington.utah.gov/government.mayor.html

Fruit Heights City Mayor Don Carroll

Phone (City Office): (801) 265-4213
Email: dcarroll@fruitheightscity.com
More Info: http://www.fruitheightscity.com/index.aspx?NID=79


West Point Mayor Erik Craythorne

Phone (City Office): (801) 776-0970
Email: ecraythorne@gmail.com
More Info: http://www.westpointcity.org/council.html



Kaysville City Mayor Steve A. Hiatt

Phone (Mayor’s Office): (801) 546-1235
Email: mayor.hiatt@kaysvillecity.com
More Info: http://www.kaysvillecity.com/city_council.council_members.html


Woods Cross Mayor Rick Earnshaw

Phone (Cell): (801) 292-4421
Email: rick.earnshaw@ibsa.com
More Info: http://www.woodscross.com/index.asp?Type=B_LIST&SEC={5DB08386-BEAD-4ED5-87CA-C1A1EAB91906}



Layton City Mayor Bob Stevenson

Phone: (801) 336-3800
Email: bstevenson@laytoncity.org
More Info: http://www.laytoncity.org/public/CityGov/mayor.aspx


The State Income Tax Rate is 5%. One must file a Utah Income Tax Return when:
• Every Utah resident who must file a federal income tax return
• Every non or part-year resident with income from Utah sources who must file a federal return
• Taxpayers wanting a refund of income tax overpayment regardless of the income amount; or
• Every individual with Utah income that meets the following requirements found on the webpage: Who Must File a Utah Income Tax Return
For information about registering vehicles in Utah see the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles page. For the motor vehicle exact fees see Registration Taxes and Fees.

Lobbying Utah State Legislature – Join Davis Chamber First

Have an impact on legislation affecting the business environment in your area. The Chamber sponsors the Legislative Affairs Committee, which lobbies the state legislature for your business.

Join the Chamber TODAY!

For more visitor attractions and information, see www.daviscountyutah.gov

Antelope Island State Park

4528 West 1700 South
Syracuse, UT 84075
(801) 773-2941

Home of 500 bison, Antelope Island offers backcountry trails, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and in the winter cross country skiing. Click to see maps and a trail map. An Antelope Island State Park Video is available. You can also make reservations for campsites here. Occurring generally on Labor Day weekend, the Antelope Island Stampede is a weekend of hot air balloons, live music bands, and entertainment.


Hill Aerospace Museum

7961 Wardleigh Rd. Building 1955
Hill AFB, UT 84056-5842
(801) 777-6868

This Air Force museum contains more than 90 military aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and missiles as well as other historical artifacts. Admission is FREE, but donations are accepted. To watch a video of the museum, click Hill Aerospace Video (Requires Windows Media Player).



525 South Deseret Drive
Kaysville, Utah 84037
(801) 660-6800

20 Lanes of Bowling, Miniature golf, bumper boats, go carts, batting cages, laser tag, rollerball (miniature bowling), and arcade. KAYSVILLE Boondocks regularly hosts corporate events for companies of all sizes. Meeting Rooms feature LCD projector, wireless mics, WIFI and more.



375 Lagoon Dr.
Farmington, UT 84025-2554
(801) 451-8000

Lagoon is the major amusement park in Utah. It is located in Farmington, right off of I-15. Lagoon has all types of rides: roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, water rides and various rides for children and adults. Lagoon also has a full featured water park called Lagoon-A-Beach with swimming pools, hydro tubes, river rapids, waterfalls, and kids area. Lagoon also features an old-time western town called Pioneer Village. In addition, Lagoon features Events and Shows. Lastly, in the fall, Lagoon turns into a Halloween adventure with their Frightmares nights. If you are interested in spending the night, Lagoon offers camping as well.


Bountiful Davis Art Center

745 S Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010
(801) 292-0367

Bountiful Davis Art Center is the premiere art gallery in Davis County. To see their current exhibitions times and details click Exhibitions. The art center is also known for its Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International program that brings in international performers to bring cultures together and to give local Davis County residents a unique international experience.


Snowbasin Resort

3925 E. Snowbasin Rd.
Huntsville, UT 84317
(888) 437-5488

Though technically in Weber County, Snowbasin, a Sun Valley Resort, and an official venue of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games is, according to Google Maps, only 38 minutes from the Davis Chamber of Commerce. During the winter, Snowbasin offers world class skiing and snowboarding with 113 runs, 9 lifts, and 3,000 acres of total skiable area. For ticket information go to Snowbasin Winter Rates. And during the summer, Snowbasin offers gondola rides and hiking and biking.


Cherry Hill

1325 South Main
Kaysville UT, 84037
(801) 451-5379

Cherry Hill offers a waterpark, a miniature golf course, batting cages, rock climbing, and camping. To see pricing and schedules, click Pricing and Schedule.


Hiking, Biking, & Horse Trails

Davis County Trails is where you can find information and maps for over 123 trail heads, 230 miles of hiking trails, 45 miles of bike lanes, 93 miles of paved shared trails, and six gold medal miles in Davis County, UT. Our trails offer a wide variety of outdoor experiences. Everything from a casual stroll to a strenuous wilderness trek. View Trail Map.


Davis Arts Council

445 N. Wasatch Drive
Layton, Utah 84041
(801) 546-8575

Partnering with Layton city, private donors, and business sponsors, The Edward A. Kenley Centennial Amphitheater was constructed. With this facility residents can attend the Summer Concert Series, Free Sunday Night Concerts, Free Wednesday Night Movies, Arts in the Park, theatrical productions, and adult and children cultural/educational workshops.


Davis County Attractions – Davis County Chamber Members

Davis County Attractions who are Davis Chamber of Commerce Members are: Bountiful Davis Arts Center, Cherry Hill Resort. Lagoon is an Executive Circle Silver Member; Boondock and Snowbasin is an Executive Circle Bronze Member.

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As of February 18, 2010, the electric bill for a 700kWh/month residential bill is approximately $62.74 per month.Source Most power in Davis County is received through Rocky Mountain Power. For Rcky Mountain Power residential customer service, call toll free 1-888-221-7070. For business customer service call toll free 1-866-870-3419.

Natural Gas

As of August 1, 2010, the gas bill for a 82 Dth/year residential bill is approximately $60 per month, this is the lowest in the continental United States.Source The provider of natural gas in Davis County is Questar Gas. To contact Questar Gas call toll-free 800-323-5517, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Utah Lowest Gas Rates in US



For phone service, prices vary by retailer. Some of the popular land line phone services are Qwest, Comcast and Vonage. A basic residential land line can be had for roughly $25/month, of course features and bundle pricing can influence the pricing.

Water, Sewer, & Refuse

To give an example of water, sewer, and refuse fees in Davis County, the fees for the most populous city in Davis County, Layton, will be given (in Layton, fees are charged every 2 months, so the figures are every 2 month fees): Water – $21.10, Sewer – $27.90, Garbage – $20.20, Storm Drainage – $9.20. Details for Layton City, can be found here.

Bus Transportation

In Utah, UTA is responsible for bus transportation, as well as rail and lightrail. For Davis County routes click Davis County Route Schedules. Click Trip Planner for bus route plans based on a starting and ending destination.

Air Transportation

Located to the south of Davis County, in Salt Lake County, is the Salt Lake International Airport. From the Davis Chamber of Commerce to the Salt Lake International Airport, Google estimates the time to be 31 minutes. For more information, click Salt Lake International Airport. Delta Airlines has a major hub in Salt Lake City, for a list of other airlines that service Salt Lake International Airport go to airline links.
Davis Chamber to Salt Lake International




The major north-south US Interstate in Utah and for Davis County is I-15, for a live map of traffic flow, accidents, slow downs, see Utah Department of Transportation CommuterLink. The only other US Interstate is I-84, which skirts along the northern border of South Weber City.

Utilities & Transportation – All Chamber Members

Need electricity, see Rocky Mountain Power, an Executive Circle Silver Member;

need natural gas, see Questar, an Executive Circle Silver Member;

need phone and internet, see Century Link, an Executive Circle Bronze Member or Comcast Cable, a Chamber Member;

need bus or train service, see Utah Transit Authority, a Executive Circle Bronze Member.

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450 South Simmons Way Suite 220
Kaysville, UT
84037 USA