Annual Awards Nomination Form

Davis Chamber of Commerce
2020 Annual Business Awards
Nomination Form


Please nominate a Davis County business that you feel exemplifies one of the following award categories. The process is simple – just fill out the form below and your nomination will be submitted to the Davis Chamber. THANK YOU!


Award Categories:

Business of the Year Award

The Business of the Year award will be given to the company that demonstrates all-round excellence in business. The judging will focus on the competitive advantage of the business and will look at examples of specific strategies that have driven business growth. Other factors that will be considered include service to the community, customer and employee satisfaction, growth and overall excellence.


Innovation Award

Nominees in this category will be judged on their effective use of innovation. The judging panel is interested in uncovering how technology, or other innovative techniques or practices, have made a difference in the company’s business and/or in the community. Please describe the results, and the residual benefits, of the technology, product, practice, or concept the company has developed.


Employer of the Year Award

This award will be given to the company that demonstrates excellence in its approach to workforce development. Entrants will be asked to demonstrate why workforce development is important to the organization, and how the employer supports its employees.


Small Business of the Year Award

This award is designed for companies that have roughly twenty employees or less. The criteria will focus on the demonstration of sound business strategies and practices, overcoming challenges, customer service strategies, employee relations, business growth and performance, and community involvement. The company should also describe how it develops and leverages its limited resources, including personnel, to accomplish its mission and goals.

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