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By August 8, 2019

We are so excited to introduce you to two new members of the Chamber Team! Darla and Terra are bright, talented, and caring individuals that will help us fulfill our Chamber mission. Please help me welcome them! Thanks, Angie   Meet Terra Cooper, our new Director of Marketing and Events. Terra grew up and still

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By July 3, 2019

A series of revenue restructure town hall meetings is underway as part of a statewide listening tour being conducted by the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force. The Davis and Weber Counties town hall meeting will be held Monday, July 8th at Davis Conference Center, Meridian Room, 1651 No. 700 W. in Layton. We know

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By June 2, 2019

The Davis Chamber of Commerce is looking for an energetic, positive, people-loving, organized individual to fill a position as Director of Member Development! Primary responsibilities will be membership growth and development and event planning. The successful candidate will enjoy personal interaction and meaningful community involvement and needs to be able to effectively manage a challenging

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By May 7, 2019

Even though Davis County is the smallest county by land area, it’s the third most populous, and economic development is thriving here. You just have to look around to see that this is true. New retail and residential construction, infrastructure improvement, low job unemployment—all of these are indicative of Davis County being on the move.

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By March 6, 2019

As the legislative session comes to an end next Thursday, the most important issue still being discussed is tax reform. As our economy changes and our current tax system becomes woefully outdated, the long-term financial viability of our state will become severely undermined if we don’t do something. The Davis Chamber understands the importance of

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By February 6, 2019

Hi, I’m Angie Osguthorpe, I’m the President of the Davis Chamber and today we’re here at the beautiful Utah Capitol. It’s one of the most beautiful in the entire nation. We’re here for two reasons today – our Legislative session and also we had the Leadership Institute here, all day long. We got to meet

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By November 6, 2018

By the time you read this, the election will probably be over, with the winners celebrating their victories and the losers licking their wounds and contemplating their next move. The percentage of Americans who vote in a national election is 60%, while mid-term voting averages at a paltry 40%. Utahans were just a little higher

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