Intermountain Layton Hospital – Member of the Week

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Intermountain Layton Hospital – Member of the Week

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Posted on September 3, 2019

intermountain layton hospitalThis week we are spotlighting the newest hospital in Davis County – Intermountain Layton Hospital – which opened in October, 2018. Layton Hospital is a not-for-profit healthcare system and does not have stakeholders. Instead they have a volunteer board. All revenue is reinvested back into the community and patient care. This hospital is a community hospital that functions as a front door to all of Intermountain Healthcare Services and facilities. They offer Women and Newborn services which includes a level II NICU. A wide range of Surgical Specialities like Orthopedic, General Surgery, GYN, ENT, Podiatry and Urology are also available.



intermountain layton hospitalMeet Judy Williamson, the Intermountain Layton Hospital Administrator who started her position in 2015. We sat down with her and asked what, as a hospital, they pride themselves on and she loves their amazing caregivers and forward thinking. One of her goals as the Hospital Administrator is to keep you out of the hospital. She takes their motto “Healing for Life” very seriously and strives to keep up with technology to provide the best care to the most people to get the optimal outcomes for patients. Davis County is lucky to have someone that cares so much about the success of Davis County and who is so committed to providing quality healthcare for those who live here.


One of the unique services offered at Intermountain Layton Hospital is Telehealth, which is like Skype for healthcare. This virtual hospital allows providers to reach more patients where they are and allows patients to have questions answered by physicians and nurses without an in-person examination required. Patients are able to access this through the SelectHealth app 24 hours a day and can be paid for up front or insurance may cover part or all of the cost. You can learn more about this service at


We asked Judy what she loves about the Davis Chamber of Commerce – “I love the close relationships I’ve been able to make with many of the members,” she says, “especially my golfing buddies, Jodi, Ginger, Linda and Julie…and of course my favorite buddy Angie from the Chamber!” Check out our interview video here:

Here are answers to some of the common FAQs about Layton Hospital…

  • intermountain layton hospitalTheir Intensive Care Unit with hospitalists is available 24/7.
  • They support natural childbirth if that is what the expectant mother desires and if she meets the natural birthing suite criteria for low intervention birthing support.
  • They can care for any patient that comes through their doors. They have the resources and ability to stabilize and transfer them to their Intermountain Healthcare network if a higher level of care is needed.
  • They offer a level II NICU and a level III Trauma Center.

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We have loved spotlighting Intermountain Layton Hospital this week and are thrilled to have them in Davis County and in the Davis Chamber! We hope you have learned more about this new facility and all it has to offer!