Lakeview Hospital – Member of the Week

Lakeview Hospital – Member of the Week

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Posted on September 16, 2019

This week we are highlighting Chamber member Lakeview Hospital. Since first opening their doors in 1961, the modern 128-bed, 210,000 sq. ft. acute-care hospital has kept pace with advances in technology while still maintaining its original friendly, quality care.

Lakeview is one of the 20 best small community hospitals nationwide, being recognized among the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals® for seven years in a row and nine years total (IBM Watson Health 2013 – 2019). This means they have higher patient engagement, lower overall cost of care, lower infection rates, and shorter Emergency Department stays – pretty incredible!

lakeview hospitalTroy Wood, CEO of Lakeview Hospital, says “every business has a really good strategic plan. It’s in the execution of that plan that makes the difference. My job I believe as the leader, as the CEO of Lakeview Hospital, is to give us direction and focus on the culture. The culture here focuses on the mission. Our mission is to provide the quality of healthcare we want our closest loved ones to receive. Everybody knows it, it is easy to remember, and when we think about meeting the highest standards or regulations, the highest standard that I can think of–even beyond top 100 hospitals, even beyond 5 stars–is to ask ourselves, ‘Is this ok for my mother, is this ok for my father?’ My job is to set that bar as high as possible. And then it is about that culture–me getting to know them, them getting to know me. So, I walk the halls daily. Every new employee orientation they see me for the first hour and the last hour. I’m talking about things like the outward mindset, talking about seeing people as people.”

Learn more about Troy Wood and Lakeview Hospital in his interview with Angie Osguthorpe here:

In addition to being ranked in the 100 Top Hospitals®, Lakeview Hospital is also one of two hospitals on the Wasatch Front that has a 5-star rating with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. They also have some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the state. In fact, they were the only hospital in Utah named among America’s 100 Best Hospitals™ in Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Surgery – for six consecutive years. They have earned the Joint Replacement Excellence Award for seven years in a row, which ranks this hospital among the top five percent in the nation. They also have a five-star rating from Health Grades for orthopedics. If you are in need of orthopedic care, Lakeview has you covered!

Another amazing service that Lakeview Hospital offers is adult and geriatric psychiatry and behavioral medicine. Their team consists of psychiatrists and other physicians, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and behavioral health counselors including a variety of expressive activities like music, recreation, leisure arts, and pet therapies. Their physicians treat a full range of mental health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, thought disorder, and substance abuse. Inquiries are welcomed from family, friends, and professionals who seek solutions to geriatric and adult behavioral health issues. Find out more about their behavioral medicine options at

We asked Troy what he loves about the Davis Chamber of Commerce and he said, “There are a lot of things to love about Angie and the Chamber. Obviously, you have the opportunity every week to interact with members of your community. We share secret sauces on how to get along in this community and what we know about things and we are building those relationships. The #1 thing I take from the Chamber is the impact we have on legislation. The Legislative Affairs Committee meets all during the session every Thursday and meet with our senators and representatives the very next morning and we as a group have decided where we want to go and have a representative there who shares those ideas and they get to hear those ideas and get to challenge us back, but most times they are interested in what we have to say. Then law gets created many times on what Davis County has to offer our legislatures.” In addition to the Legislative Affairs Committee, there are many opportunities to get involved with the Chamber. Visit to find out more.

We love having Troy Wood and Lakeview Hospital part of Davis Chamber and our community! Visit today.