Layton Hills Mall – Member of the Week

Layton Hills Mall – Member of the Week

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Posted on December 30, 2019

layton hills mallLayton Hills Mall is our featured member this week and is a highlighted childhood memory for many Davis County residents – from the theaters to the 30×50 American flag, literally a landmark in our county. The flag, in fact, is the source of many stories, from getting calls about missing their exit because it has been taken down (usually for repairs in case you were wondering), to the time when a lightning storm hit the pole causing the flag to be stuck. The timing of that incident wasn’t great because it happened to fall on a tragic moment for our country and they had to get a crane in (which took a few days) to finally get the flag down to half-mast. One thing we learned about this beloved flag is that they really do care and treat their flag with so much respect. So if you ever see it missing, don’t worry, it is probably out for repairs.

Linda Kelley is the Senior General Manager of Layton Hills Mall. Linda is amazing and has been with Layton Hills Mall since The Bon Marche was there–so if you remember that store, that will give you an idea of the number of years she has given to our community and to all of the amazing businesses on their property. We are so lucky to have Linda and the Layton Hills Mall be a part of our Davis Chamber and our community!

We asked Linda what she loved about the Davis Chamber and she said, “I am very passionate about TOUMAC, which is the Top of Utah Military Affairs Committee. This committee helps our Airmen and the people on the base. If you think about the economic impact of the Air Force Base, which is over 3 billion dollars each year, it helps our economy so much so it is so important for people to be involved. We have a lot of events, we do a lot of support for the Air Show, the Salute Picnic, we bring in speakers to speak to our membership, we also do the Big Hat Awards, which is an award that goes to a local person who has done a great job and we want to recognize them. Last year it was Rob Bishop. This award goes all the way back to the 1940’s so there has been a lot of wonderful people that we have recognized.”

Check out our interview with Linda here:

Thank you, Linda, for meeting with us and for being the chair over the Top of Utah Military Affairs Committee! If you want to learn more about how you can be involved in helping our local military families, contact us! Learn more about Layton Hills Mall at They are located at 1201 North Hill Field Road in Layton.