Legislative Affairs
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Legislative Affairs

We recognize the pivotal role that legislative decisions play in shaping the business landscape of Davis County. Our dedicated team is committed to advocating for policies that foster a conducive environment for business growth, economic development, and community prosperity.

As a member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, you gain a powerful ally in navigating the complex realm of legislative affairs. We actively engage with policymakers, local officials, and government agencies to ensure that your business interests are well-represented. By participating in our advocacy initiatives, you contribute to the collective voice that influences decisions impacting our community.

Stay informed through our regular updates on key legislative developments, policy changes, and advocacy efforts. We provide valuable resources to help you understand the implications of legislative decisions on your business and equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.


Business Future


Engage in impactful advocacy, influencing legislative decisions to create a business-friendly environment that supports growth and innovation.


Exclusive Insights

Stay Ahead

Gain privileged access to timely updates and insights on legislative changes, ensuring your business is well-informed and prepared for potential impacts.


Drive Change


Connect directly with policymakers, local officials, and influential leaders, establishing relationships that amplify your voice and contribute to positive legislative outcomes.

Shaping Policy, Ensuring Business Success

Advocacy in Action

The Chamber’s lobbying committee plays a pivotal role in championing the interests of our business community. With regular meetings held on the first Thursday of each month and bi-weekly sessions during legislative periods, this dedicated group engages closely with local government leaders and legislators. Their mission is clear: to advocate for proper legislation that fosters a favorable business environment. By establishing a consistent dialogue with decision-makers, the lobbying committee strives to shape policies that support growth, innovation, and the overall prosperity of our business community.

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