Military Affairs Committee

Patron Program

The Military Affairs Committee operates collaboratively under the management of both the Davis County Chamber of Commerce and the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce. It consists of individuals from various sectors, including business, professionals, and military/civilian personnel. The primary objective of this committee is to foster a mutually beneficial connection among Hill Air Force Base, local businesses, and the neighboring community.

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About The Program

Military Affairs Committee’s Impact

The Military Affairs Committee is committed to actively engaging the community in relevant military affairs whenever opportunities arise. One notable initiative involves organizing the annual “Salute to Our Nation’s Defenders” Picnic at Hill Air Force Base. This widely attended event draws more than 3,000 military and civilian personnel each year.

In addition to hosting events, the committee allocates funds to support various military programs and activities throughout the year. This financial backing enables the committee to orchestrate occasions that not only express gratitude to the nation’s military but also provide the community with valuable insights into military affairs.

For businesses interested in contributing to the Military Affairs Committee’s initiatives through the Patron Program, we encourage you to reach out to the Davis Chamber of Commerce for further information. Your support will play a crucial role in fostering a strong connection between the military and the community.

Becoming a Committee Member

If you or your business is passionate about military affairs and shares the commitment to strengthen the relationship between the business community and military personnel, joining the committee could be an excellent opportunity.

Participation in the Military Affairs Committee involves a nominal fee of $125, which contributes to funding the various events and initiatives determined by the Military Affairs Executive Committee throughout the year. We welcome new members and invite those interested to apply by clicking here or by reaching out to the Davis Chamber of Commerce at 801-593-2200 via call or text for additional information. Your involvement will contribute significantly to the committee’s mission of fostering a robust connection between the business community and the military.

As a general committee member, you will regularly receive email updates on upcoming events and functions at Hill Air Force Base. The Executive Committee convenes monthly on the first Monday at the Davis Conference Center to deliberate on current committee affairs and military-related matters. Exceptional general committee members may also be nominated annually for a chance to join the Executive Committee.

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