Ribbon Cutting Form

Davis County Chamber of Commerce
Ribbon Cutting Form

Thank you for your interest in having the Davis Chamber of Commerce Lakesider Ambassador group participate in your Ribbon Cutting. We want you to have a wonderful and successful experience so here are a few guidelines and suggestions we hope will help you plan for the event.


What to Expect: The Lakesiders are business men and women who volunteer their time to the Chamber. They are typically entrepreneurs, business owners or managers, or company executives. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Captain (Chair) or the Lakesiders will welcome the business to the Chamber or comment on the remodel /name change /etc. He or she will then introduce the Lakesiders in attendance. The business owner / manager may then introduce their staff and make a statement about the business (this is also a good time to recognize any VIP’s or others who have helped make the business a success). The ribbon will be held by members of the Lakesiders with the business owner/manager and anyone else they choose cutting the ribbon.

Date: We have found that the best days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays (Mondays are not well attended). Since the Chamber ribbon cuttings are business to business events, we do not do them on weekends. ** Please give us two weeks notice **

Time: Business members are best available either at lunchtime (11:30 am – 1:00 pm) or at the end of the work day (4:00 pm – 5:30 pm).

Refreshments: You may choose to have any type of refreshments you prefer such as punch and cookies or an elaborate buffet. We do suggest though that if the ribbon cutting is at the noon hour that a light meal be served since business members are using their lunchtime for your event.

Directions/Signage: Many business members who attend the ribbon cuttings may not be familiar with your location. Please give good directions to the Chamber and make sure the sign on your building is visible from the street. Balloons or other bright objects will help identify your event.

What the Chamber and Lakesiders will provide: Ribbon, scissors, notice in the Chamber newsletter. We will also take a digital picture. Please expect an average of eight Lakesiders in attendance (this can be as low as four and as high as twenty depending on their business schedule).

Contact Tim Roper at (801) 593-2265 with any questions. Or if you have everything ready, complete the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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