March President’s Message – Utah’s Tax Reform Bill

March President’s Message – Utah’s Tax Reform Bill

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Posted on March 6, 2019

As the legislative session comes to an end next Thursday, the most important issue still being discussed is tax reform. As our economy changes and our current tax system becomes woefully outdated, the long-term financial viability of our state will become severely undermined if we don’t do something. The Davis Chamber understands the importance of broadening the tax base and lowering the income and sales tax rates. For this reason, we support tax modernization and the tax reform bill, H.B. 441 Tax Equalization and Reduction Act. You can read it here. Or a brief overview here.

To understand the reason why tax reform is desperately needed, please watch this four-minute video below. You can also listen to Todd Weiler’s Toddcast with the bill sponsor, Rep. Tim Quinn. You can read, watch, and/or listen for more information. Educate yourself on the issue. And please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this important issue further.

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Tax Modernization in Utah: Sales and Use Tax from Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute on Vimeo.