Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development – Member of the Week

governor's office of economic development

Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development – Member of the Week

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Posted on October 28, 2019

governors office of economic developmentThis week we are featuring the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). The GOED does so many amazing things for Utah’s economy! Their charter is based on Governor Herbert’s commitment to economic development statewide. The mandate for this office is to provide rich business resources for the creation, growth, and recruitment of companies to Utah and to increase tourism and film production in the state. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development accomplishes this mission through the administration of programs that are based around industries or “economic clusters” that demonstrate the best potential for development. They utilize state resources and private sector contracts to fulfill their mission.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development falls under the Executive Branch, under the Governor. Their role is to create business prosperity, both urban and rural, in Utah. Utah is such a business-friendly state and there are so many resources available to help our businesses prosper. Some of the many programs under the GOED include Corporate Recruitment, Utah Film Commission, Utah Broadband, International Business and Diplomacy, Office of Outdoor Recreation, Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission, Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Office of Rural Development, Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program, and the Utah Office of Tourism. Needless to say, they are very busy doing amazing things for our state!

Meet Ginger Chinn, managing director for urban and rural business services for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. She used to work here at the Chamber and did some amazing things! At her current position, she oversees grant, federal and inventive programs to business expansion and retention to urban and rural Utah. The bulk of her job is around ten rural programs and is working hard to help those rural counties. Every rural county is so unique and has different needs than in other parts of the state. She loves to meet the people and see their passion for their communities. Get to know more about Ginger and GOED by watching this video:

One thing that Ginger told us is that she has seen that our representatives want to connect with their constituent base. They want to hear the good, the bad, they want to hear opportunities in the community. She told us that EVERY email in Governor Herbert’s office gets answered. It is a priority because they need to hear what is going on across the state. So make sure you are staying in touch with your representatives and voice your concerns or compliments to what they are doing in our State to make it such a great place to live!

We asked Ginger what she loves about the Davis Chamber and she said, “It is for sure the relationships. This is family to me. I go to a lot of business meetings and it is the Chamber meetings that I look forward to going to most. It is mostly the friendships that are lifelong.” We are so happy to have her as our friend and can’t wait to see her and Angie run their next Ragnar!

Thank you to Ginger Chinn and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for all they do! To find out more, visit their website at https://business.utah.gov/.